A Smart Home Is A Comfortable Home

Smart Home

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The smart home is just one of the many emerging tech advancements that have become a big talking point in recent years. The possibility of controlling your lights, locks, HVAC system and other things is obviously exciting, and more and more people are beginning to enjoy the various benefits of smart home tech. Here are just a few smart home additions that will make your home more comfortable…  

Hands-Free Garage Door Opener

We can all remember one instance where we’ve been trying to get in or out of the garage with both our hands full of groceries, tools, or something else. Getting this piece of smart home tech will ensure that you can simply make the garage door swing open, instead of finding somewhere to put everything down. There are many companies out there offering openers that are compatible with common smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo. Once it’s all set up, you’ll be able to use your voice to get your garage open and closed, making those awkward trips from the car to the home so much more convenient. Some interfaces will even let you check the status of the door from your phone whenever you like.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat

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Smart thermostats are one of the most popular pieces of smart home technology on the market, and have become a star product for many HVAC companies like Academy Air. For many people, getting one of these is a purely economic decision. By programming your smart thermostat, you’ll be able to set certain caps on how much heat or conditioning you’re using, and shave a considerable amount of your usual heating bill. However, there are many features about these great little devices which also increase the overall comfort of your home. You’ll be able to adjust the heat in your home from anywhere provided you have your phone on you, get email alerts to tell you when the temperature is rising or falling outside of your pre-programmed range, and save yourself all those trips to the dial whenever you want to warm up or cool off. Modern smart home thermostats are one of the best ways to test the waters and see if this kind of tech is for you, so start looking!

Smart Locks

Sometimes, how comfortable we are in our homes goes past the temperature, the quality of our furniture and other physical factors. Often, one of the biggest deciding factors in how comfortable we feel is the degree of security we have. While smart locks are still in their infancy, and there are various bugs that need to be ironed out, they’re generally much more reliable than conventional, mechanical locks. While a regular lock can be picked, smart locks only allow access to authorised people, and everything is controlled through smartphones. As these are developed, it’s only going to get harder and harder for would-be burglars to force the mechanism. Aside from the added security benefits, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the house without your keys again!

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