A Definitive Guide to Affordably Cooling Your Home

A home or apartment can become uncomfortable during a hot climate, which can make a space uninviting. However, don’t sit back and believe there is nothing you can do about your home’s extreme temperatures. You will be happy to learn there are many way you can affordably cool your home. The following tips are free, low lost or are a financial investment to decrease your monthly electricity bills.

An Affordable A/C Unit Installation

Don’t allow intense temperatures to ruin your summertime and install an AC unit, which will create a comfortable, relaxing environment for you to enjoy all summer long. Contrary to popular belief, installing an air conditioning unit doesn’t have to be expensive. You simply need to do your homework to discover an affordable, professional company, such as https://www.onehourac.com/ac-installation-charlotte-nc/.

Open or Close Your Doors

Depending on the AC unit circumstances, you may be required to either open or close your doors across the home to maximize the cool air throughout the property. For example, those living in a small apartment who are reliant on one AC unit should keep their door open to allow air to circulate throughout the space. However, if you want to keep the cool air within one room, we recommend closing the door to stop the air from escaping.

Decide Whether to Close or Open Your Windows

Anyone using an air conditioning unit should keep their windows closed to prevent cold air from leaking out of a room; otherwise, the room will fail to effectively cool down but you will receive an expensive electricity bill. However, once temperatures drop come nightfall, it might be a wise move to turn off the AC unit and open the windows to enjoy a cool, natural breeze.

Close the Curtains or Drapes

On a hot, sunny day, we recommend closing your blinds or curtains to reduce your home’s temperature. Any heat entering your home will also make your air conditioning unit work much hard to lower the temperature. So, close the blinds and drapes when you leave your property, regardless of whether your air conditioner is running.

Block Sunlight with Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains will also allow you to successfully block sunlight, so you do not have to worry about any light shining through the material. We recommend adding neutral-colored blackout curtains into your space, which should have a white plastic backing, as they can decrease heat gain by up to 33%.

Buy a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is another effective way you can reduce a property’s temperature. You simply turn it on and enjoy a cool breeze that will make your home feel more comfortable. What’s more, many ceiling fans allow homeowners to change the blades’ direction, which can also prevent heat from escaping a room, so they will serve your home 12 months of the year.

Place Furniture Away from an AC Unit

Maximize cool air across your home by moving furniture away from an air conditioning unit. For instance, a sofa, dresser or chest of drawers could prevent cool air from circulating across the room, so ensure you leave enough space for the air to move both forwards and sideways. If possible, position furniture on a 45-degree angle away from the air conditioner.

Change Your Bedding

Are you spending warm summer nights tossing and turning? Stop wrestling with your bed sheets and instead change your bedding with the seasons. While fleece blankets and flannel sheets are superb during the cold winter months, they will be rather uncomfortable during summertime. Swap the sheets for cotton or bamboo sheets, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. We also recommend buying a buckwheat pillow, as the hulls feature a natural air space, so they will not store your body heat.

Pay Attention to Your Body’s Temperature

Cool yourself down by focusing on your body’s temperature. For instance, you should sip on a delicious iced drink to hydrate your body and cool you down. You can also apply a cold compress onto your neck and wrists, which will make you feel a lot more comfortable during extreme heat. Also, wear cotton pyjamas, avoid cuddles with your partner and dip your feet into a cool bowl of water if you feel warm during the night.

Say Goodbye to Incandescent Bulbs

It is time to say goodbye to incandescent light bulbs and hello to compact fluorescent lights. This is because incandescent light bulbs are believed to waste approximately 90% of their energy in heat. Switching them with fluorescent light bulbs will therefore successfully cool your property whilst reducing your energy bills.

Avoid the Oven

The last thing you will want is for a hot oven to catapult the temperature within your home during summer, especially if it already feels like it is 100 degrees outside. We therefore recommend avoiding the oven or stove as much as possible during warmer temperatures. Instead, use a BBQ more frequently to create tasty dishes the whole family will love, which can also reduce your energy bills.

Don’t Sleep Upstairs

As everyone knows, heat rises, so the downstairs will be considerably cooler than upstairs. We therefore recommend sleeping on the lowest level of your property, even if it is the basement. Simply take your mattress with you to enjoy a comfortable sleep in a cooler environment.

Place Your Bed Sheets in the Freezer

Placing your bed sheets in the freezer might sound like a bizarre tip, but it can be an effective way to cool down your core temperature during the night. If you don’t have room in your freezer, you could always slightly dampen the sheets with water. Another superb tactic is to freeze a water bottle and place it at the foot of the bed for your feet. It is a cheap solution to stay cooler during summertime.

Do you have any tried and tested methods for affordably cooling a home during summer? Tell us your top tips by writing a helpful comment below.

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