4 Amazing Tips on How to Maintain and Prolong the Life of Real Wood Furniture

In the midst of buying real wood furniture, many of us often forget about how to keep it in premium condition. Keeping your wood furniture in the best possible condition is imperative to its longevity. Why? Well, you don’t want to keep replacing it year on year.


Of course, you undoubtedly keep your home in immaculate condition. But real wood needs a little more tender loving care than other types of furniture.

Here are some amazing tips on how you can keep your furniture in the best state:

Tip 1: Do Not Get Your Furniture Wet
Of course, much like the Gremlins you don’t want to feed it after midnight either. If you are keen to keep your furniture in premium condition, do not get your wood wet. You may want to invest in glass worktops. This will prevent any spillages from occurring. When wood gets wet, it can cause fading or peeling. This should be avoided at all costs. Ensure the life of your furniture and avoid water, or drinks from being spilled on it.

Tip 2: Use the Right Cleaning Materials
Some pieces of furniture require a wax finish. Beeswax furniture polish is great for hardwood materials such as Baumhaus Mayan Walnut. You need to ensure that you are using the right materials for your wood. Some pieces of furniture, such as corona pine require only a damp cloth and sugar soap solution. It is imperative that you research what cleaning fluids are best-suited to your chosen wood. By investing in the right cleaning products, you will ensure that durability of your furniture.

In most cases, all wood materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This ensures that your furniture is dust free, but without having to treat it with harsh chemicals. Some people prefer not to use chemicals for cleaning within their home, but this of course is a matter of personal taste.

Tip 3: Beware of the Sunlight
While you may have stunning French patio doors within your living room, this will damage the overall look of the wood. What is more, sunlight may cause the furniture to fade. By all means necessary, try to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight. Of course, in some homes this is nigh on impossible. Try to avoid putting furniture next to radiators and other heat sources. This can also cause wood to decay quickly. You want to prolong the existence of your new furniture. You don’t want to have to replace it.

Tip 4: Invest in Linseed Oil
Linseed oil is suitable for most kinds of wood. Due to the protective barrier that the oil naturally has within its compound, your wood will be preserved for the long haul. Linseed oil is not difficult to obtain; there is a plethora of retailers for you to choose from. The great thing about linseed oil is that it is cheap to buy, but it can add years to the life expectancy of your furniture.  It will ensure that your wood is not prone to cracking.

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