2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

2014 Holiday Gift Guide babies

Do you have a baby or toddler under the age of 3 on your shopping list this holiday season?  I know it can be tough to navigate the baby AND toy aisle, but hopefully this gift guide will help to provide you with a few great gift ideas.

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Little Twig Lavender Calming Baby Wash
MSRP: $12.50

Little Twig Baby Wash

Little Twig Baby Wash is a great Stocking Stuffer for the wee ones. As a mom I would love to get things like this as gifts for my little one. Not only was it something he needed, but it is also giving him the gift of a baby wash that is good for his skin. And with the Lavender scent, it smells so good, leaving my little one smelling fresh and clean after bath time.

Shower your little one in serenity with this organic blend of essential oils and mild foam. Our formula combines skin softening vitamin E with just a whisper of lavender and chamomile. Gentle enough for newborns.
Phthalate Free
Pediatrician Tested
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Nut, Soy and Wheat Free
Non Irritating
No Synthetic Fragrances
Ideal for Sensitive Skin


MSRP: $129.99

There is nothing worse than a baby with a cold. They are miserable, they don't know what to do to clear the drainage, you can't tell them to go blow their nose... It is just a miserable time for them and for the parents.

If you are looking for a great gift to gift a new baby (okay the mom) CLEARinse is definitely one to consider, especially since The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends salt water irrigation and aspiration as the most effective, safe way to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children.

When Colton was sick, the only thing that seemed to clear up the runny nose was saline and a bulb sucker. Well that was before I learned about CLEARinse, I will definitely be using CLEARinse from here on out. :-)
MSRP: $12-$15

WubbaNub is more than a just a pacifier for your little one, it is a soother that is easy for your little one to hold. WubbaNub comes in 32 designs, so I am sure you will find a cute animal that your child will love. :-)

Why This Makes a Good Gift:
The WubbaNub is great for any little teeny one. A WubbaNub a fun way to soothe your little one and bring a smile to their face.
Baby Legs Little Mister Body Suit Set
Suggested Sale Price: $20
Baby Legs

BabyLegs are best known for their Leg Warmers, however they do have these ADORABLE Body Suit Gift Sets that make REALLY great gifts for the itty bitty ones that are on your shopping list this year.

This set is a complete look with a body suit and a pair of leggings to match.

This is my personal favorite, but they do have many other styles to choose from for both boys AND girls.
Avent Toddler Drinking Cups
Suggested Price $12.99 for 2

Avent Toddler Cup

This new revolutionary Toddler Drinking Cup is a perfect stocking stuffer for a little one that is starting the transition from the sippy cup to an adult drinking cup. It allows your toddler to learn the process of drinking, but since the cup seals when your child is not drinking from it parents don't have to worry about spilled drinks like they do with no lid cups.

Why This Makes a Great Gift: My #1 reason is because it is something that toddlers will use for a LONG time- my 5 year old just got a set of these and LOVES them. Great stocking stuffer, kids will love them and parents will thank you for thinking of what their kids need and not just more toys. :-)
Avent Spout Cup

Suggested Price $7.99

Avent Sippy Cup

The Avent Spout Cup is a great soft spout sippy cup for helping your baby make the transition from breast or bottle to sippy cup. The best thing about this sippy cup is that it is spill proof so no mess for mom to clean up as baby learns to drink from a sippy cup.

Why this makes a great gift:
The Avent Spout Cup is a great gift for a little one that is learning to transition to a sippy cup or is currently drinking from a sippy cup. Babies and Toddlers will love it and parents will thank you for buying a gift that their child actually needs :-)
Lalabu Bambu Bib
Regular Price $15 + Free Shipping


The NEw Bambu Bib from Lalabu is SUPER cute, it comes in a variety of modern patterns and colors. Beyond the cuteness of the bib it is custom designed for the ultimate functionality of a bib. It had ties instead of snaps or velcro for a snug fit and it wont snag other clothes in the wash. The Bambu Bib is made with Bamboo terry cloth and stuffed with Bamboo filling so it is soft and absorbent. If you are a fan of products made in the USA, this is a great one, not only is the Bambu Bib made in the USA, it is also made by legal women refugees.

Why this makes a great Gift:
If you have a little one on your list, this will make the parents happy because #1, you can never have too many bibs and it is a gift that he or she will use for a long time. Not to mention, babies and toddlers get a TON of toys and stuff they DON'T need for Christmas-- so help mom and dad out by getting them something they do need and can use. Plus with this unique bib, this is sure to be one of mom's favorites and she will thank you for it every time her little one uses it. :-)
Newborn Babylegs Lil Super Star
Baby Legs Stars

If you have an itty bitty baby on your shopping list Baby Legs Newborn warmers are a great gift to give! They can be worn under shorts, with a onsie, for girls- under a dress... there are many fun uses for BabyLegs! My favorite thing is that with BabyLegs warmers, it makes diaper changes a breeze if your little one is just hanging around the house in a cute onsie :-)

Why this makes a great gift:
BabyLegs are awesome, they are cute and parents will appreciate you getting their baby something cute, unique and functional. :-)
NEW BabyLegs Diaper Cover

Baby Legs Blue Diaper Cover

BabyLegs has a new addition to their product list, Diaper Covers for both boys and Girls. They come in a variety of Colors and with an without ruffles.

Baby Legs Little Miss Muffet Diaper Cover
For boys they have Blue and Grey and White Stripes and for girls they have Solid Pink and Light Pink and White Striped (both with the adorable Ruffles!)

I can not wait until Caleb gets here and he can wear these new diaper covers :-)

Why this makes a great gift:
FIRST- if you have a girl, Diaper Covers are a MUST. There is nothing tackier than a cute little girl in a dress with no diaper cover (unless she is in a cute cloth diaper). So diaper covers are a must!

For Boys- if it's a hot day and you want to just let your little man hang out in a diaper-- viola, cute diaper cover makes that completely okay :-) But I am a huge fan of pairing a diaper cover with a matching pair of BabyLegs and maybe a cute Tshirt too.

Functional baby fashions! :-)
BabyLegs Warmers

Prices $6-$15

Baby Legs Alps Winter Leg Warmer

BabyLegs Leg Warmers are great for both boys and girls. When Colton was younger he wore BabyLegs A LOT. It helped me stretch out those cute summer rompers into the cold seasons, and were super cute with a onsie too. They didn't have the diaper covers when Colton was little, but I sure wish they did!!!

For girls there is an added benefit of accessorizing dresses and helping to keep little legs warm without the discomfort of tights.

Why This Makes A Great Gift:
Functional Baby and Kids Fashions. Baby Legs regular sizes are one size fits most 4 Months and Up. So they will also fit toddlers and young children. This is a gift that will grow with your little one!

Check out this idea: Legs warmers for arms to make those short sleeved shirts good for all season :-)
Baby Legs Boy Warmers
Tot Logic 2 In 1 Baby Wash and Shampoo


Tot logic shampoo

If there's any product you need from the TotLogic line, this sulfate free TotLogic 2 in 1 Wash & Shampoo is the one that does it all.

Just do a bubbly once-over with this 2 in 1 Baby Wash & Shampoo for clean, huggable and nourished skin and silky smooth hair. Its naturally derived, gentle, and pure formula makes it suitable and safe for infants, toddlers, kids, and of course adults too!
Baby Trend Go Lite High Chair


Go-Lite DX Feeding Center is constructed with lightweight aluminum steel. It transforms from a high chair to a booster seat as your child grows.

Why this makes a great gift:
Parents get a TON of newborn baby stuff at the baby shower, but often the next stage of items that they need is forgotten when you are thinking newborn baby for the shower. If you have a wee little one on your shopping list, this is THE PERFECT high chair to get him or her. they will use it for a long time, it is convertible and stylish :-)

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