How To Create The Perfect Garden For You And Your Children

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If you and your children are lucky enough to have a garden, you’ll know what a treat it can be. However, gardens need a little shaping and looking after. Without it, they fail into disrepair. It can make for a dangerous and unappealing place for your children. We’re here to help you make the most of your outside space. Even the smallest area provides a huge boost in your children’s enjoyment and learning.

An outdoor space helps children expand their creative skills and imagination. It gives them a whole new world to play out the stories in their head. It’s really important to get the kids away from the TV and into the outside world. Show them that there is something more. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you unlock the best from your garden space.

Tidy up and remove the dangers
If you don’t use the garden very often, the first step is to clear it out and make it a safe place. Remove any old tools lying around. Tidy up all the debris floating about and give it all a good clean. Tidy up any splintered wooden objects. You may need to get yourself some timber to fix a shed or touch up the fence.


Create a playing space


Once you’ve tidied it all up, it’s time to create a fun space to play in. A lawn is ideal. It lets you children roam free in relative safety. They can use the grass area as a new play space. The grass can be the sea and they’re floating on a pirate ship. Or it could be the moon that they slowly explore! If your children are younger, a sand pit is a great way to help them develop their motor skills. They’ll spend hours sifting sand back and forth and learning key skills. The garden is also a great place to teach them about wildlife and caring for living things. Try planting a small row of flowers and let your children tend to them.

Bring the inside out
For a child, there is something stimulating about seeing familiar things in unfamiliar places. Bring an old sofa outside and you can all rest there at the end of the day. Cushions and beanbags can litter the decking or patio for an evening outside. There are now outdoor TVs you can buy too. Put their favourite Disney film on outside and they’ll be utterly content.

Don’t forget about you
The garden isn’t just for your children. Make sure you have a comfortable space to relax in after a hard day’s work. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a glass of wine on the deck during a warm summer. Set up a small outdoor table and chairs and stay warm with an outdoor heater. Let your body relax and prepare for the next day. Or just take a breather while the kids are at school.

These are just a few of the ideas you can do to your garden. Bring it to life by making it a child friendly, explorer’s paradise. It will help them learn and realize their creative potential. The garden will also help you unwind and give you that vital extra space in the home.

The Best Ways To Enjoy Parenthood When You Can’t Have Kids

If you’ve been told by medical professionals that you can’t have kids, it can come as a disappointing blow. However, there is no reason to feel down. Just because you can’t carry a child naturally, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of starting a family. There are lots of different options open to you these days.

Mom with baby

IVF is always a possibility, but it might be a very expensive treatment in your home country. Indeed, that is one of the many reasons people choose to travel abroad. Just make sure you find out more about IVF in Turkey or whichever country you choose before making arrangements. Medical care in certain nations can vary in quality, and you need to make sure you will be looked after properly.

Presuming IVF isn’t a viable solution given your situation, you may wish to consider some of the alternatives. At the end of the day, there are many children in the world who would love to have you as a parent.

Some kids have a pretty hard start in life, and that is why they end up in adoption centers around the country. If you would like to give one lucky child a helping hand, why not consider becoming their adopted parent. You can still teach them all the essentials of life, just as you would with a child of your own. While there are many standard checks and assessments you’ll have to pass, there is no reason you couldn’t become a mother in less than one year. Adoption agencies simply want to know you can care for the child.

Becoming a foster parent is a noble choice. Your duties would involve looking after the most vulnerable young people in our society during their time of need. The hardest part of getting involved with fostering is that the children in your care might move on pretty quickly. That means it can be difficult if you get attached easily. However, you’ll get to make a real difference in the lives of young people, and you get grants to help pay for them. Most foster parents consider their duties a full-time job, and so it is well suited for those who don’t have a standard working schedule. Some of the kids that land in your care might require twenty-four hour attention.

While it isn’t the ideal solution, those of you who want to spend time with the younger members of our society might benefit from starting a babysitting business. You could look after all your friends children while they are at work. Not only will you get to play a mothering role, but you can also make some money in the process. The law in most countries states that you must meet certain requirements to start a business of that nature legally. So, it’s worth doing some research before you get too carried away.

As you can clearly see, being told you can’t have kids is not the end of the world. There are lots of ways you can still get all the benefits of being around children. Some people even retrain and become primary school teachers. When all’s said and done, the decision is down to you.

Kids Gone To School? Top 10 Things For Moms To Do Next

Although a lot of Moms are really busy all the time, some of us start scratching our heads for things to do once all the kids have started school. While it is lovely to suddenly gain a few hours independence from being a mommy, sometimes we can feel pretty lonely and redundant. Filling that time could be quite a challenge if you have several children. It has probably been many years since you had any time to yourself at all. Let’s face it, we all love being a mommy too much to want to do anything else now anyway!

While there are plenty of things to do out there while the kids are in school, knowing what they are and getting involved with them can be difficult to figure out. We give you the top ten things to do with your time now you can officially be you again, instead of just Mommy!

  1. Get a job – Lots of mommies go and find a little part time job locally when all the kids have gone up to school. There are some communities that have plenty, and some that have very few, so this one may not work for you. Working a couple of hours in a store or fast food restaurant each day will also bring a little bit of extra cash into the home to put away for one your college bills in the future.
  2. Become self employed – Some mommies find the skills they have acquired by being a parent can come in rather handy to earn a few bucks here and there. Some turn to writing, maximizing all those story-telling hours they have put in. Others bake cakes and muffins to sell. Some have become quite good at art and crafts and can sell their designs through a website.

Chocolate Candy

Photography from Flickr

  1. Volunteer at the pet sanctuary – If having kids has meant you have had to go without a pet for a while, volunteering to work with animals can be a great way to get some furry cuddles in! While much of the work may involved mucking out cages, any animals suitable for rehoming need to be socialized and played with to determine what kind of home they could go to.
  2. Fundraise for your Little League team – Kids’ clubs and sports teams are all desperate for funding all year round. If you are good at writing letters, you could appeal to local businesses to sponsor your local team. If it’s the one your own children play for then all the better. Check out for more ideas on how to gain extra support and donations. It’s not all about asking for money either. It is just as much about encouraging good will and excitement for the team to raise those extra donations to.
  3. Learn a musical instrument – Most of us had opportunities to play a musical instrument when we were in school. Perhaps you even enjoyed one or two of them! Picking up where you left off all those years ago is not necessarily the easiest thing to do in the world but it can be quite rewarding. If you are short of inspiration on which instrument to choose, have a chat with the kids. They may be interested in learning more about a particular instrument. Learning together can be cheaper for lessons and keep you both motivated.
  4. Take a class – While daytime education for adults is usually populated by retired people, a growing number of moms are taking them up too. With everything from foreign languages to pottery on offer, you can find something you are interested in, as well as learn new skills you may be able to add to your resume. Who knows – maybe you will be good enough to earn a living from it eventually.
  5. Teach a class – Lots of mommies feel they have plenty to say on at least one topic of interest to others, and it’s not always about parenting. If you feel you come up with a well-rounded curriculum to teach others something you’re passionate about, why not give it a go! Alternatively, have a chat with your school and see if you can come in to chat with the children from time to time, or hold an extra-curricular class once a week.
  6. Coach the local team – One way to stay close to your kids even when they are at school is to become a coach. It could be for the Little League, or you might coach other activities like singing or painting. While this may be on a voluntary basis, it can be hugely rewarding to you, and highly beneficial to the school too. You may even be drafted in to run the clubs. While this may be largely administrative, it can be very helpful to ensure all the children have sufficient access to a broad range of clubs and activities.
  7. Get into running – Often mommies can’t wait to have some time to try and get their pre-baby figure back. Of course, by the time the last of the kids has finally gone off to school, we probably don’t care as much! That said, it is important to be as fit as possible whatever age our kids. This helps stave off serious age-related diseases and helps give us the energy to be able to keep up with the children. It is also good to lead by example and show the kids that keeping physically active is a good lifestyle choice. Running may not be your bag, but Yoga or Zumba classes are held in most communities.
  8. Take up photography – The Internet is bursting with websites begging for photographs. We post photos on FaceBook and Pinterest all the time, so ensuring we can take the best pictures possible could be a good idea. Take a class or find a how-to website to teach you all about the art of taking a good picture. The good news is you can take plenty of great shots just using your mobile or cell phone.

Top 7 Weekend Family Activities

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At the end of a tiring week, I frequently struggle to come up with fun and fresh ideas for weekend activities that will be enjoyed by the whole family. We all love going to the cinema and going for dinner but these are expensive options, and I don’t always find these activities satisfies my desire for quality family time. Thankfully, the internet is awash with other parents in my position who are more than willing to share their ideas and advice. I thought it would be a good addition to this blog to whip up a list of my family’s favorite weekend activities, in the hope that you and your flock will also find them enjoyable.

  1. Camping
    I have always loved camping, and luckily for me, so do my family. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and encourages your kids to spend less time in front of the box. We often pack up the car with our equipment and head towards one of our favourite campsites. In fact, we have been to one campsite so often that we are on first name terms with the owners and have made good friends with some of the other “regulars”. If you are not keen on going too far, even pitching a tent in your back garden can be fun and exciting for the whole family. If you are interested in this weekend activity, here are some of my top tips for camping with your family:
  • Get all the relevant camping equipment. This will include a family-sized tent, sleeping bags and cooking equipment.
  • Make a note of what you plan to eat for each meal, so that you can be sure you have enough food for the weekend. Unfortunately, I learnt this lesson the hard way!
  • Make pre-cooked meals and transport them in a cooler. These can simply be reheated or eaten cold, saving you time and effort.
  • Many campsites offer activities for children. But if they don’t, bring along plenty of things to keep your kids (and the adults) entertained. I tend to pack, colouring pencils, books and tennis rackets, frisbees, etc.
  • Make a list of anything that you wish you’d brought on your trip so that you don’t forget it next time.
  1. Bike ride
    Another way to enjoy the great outdoors with your family is with a bike ride. We have lots of beautiful and manageable bike routes in our area. I found out about them by conducting a simple search online. The beauty of a bike ride as you can make it as long or as short as you like so it fits in well with the rest of your busy weekend schedule. If we have time, my family and I ride our bikes to the park for a picnic. I really love how much my kids enjoy their bikes. It gives them a sense of freedom and independence.
  1. Games night
    This is one of my family’s favorite weekend activities. I have to admit, we all have a healthy competitive streak which can result in a very lively night. We even have a leaderboard stuck to the fridge! Each time we have a games night we take it turns to choose the game we will play. You may wish to make a proper night of it by inviting friends or neighbors over and proving pizza and popcorn. I think you’ll find this to be one of the most exciting, enjoyable weekend family activities.

Kids BakinImage source

  1. Cooking class
    My kids love to get their hands dirty in the kitchen so we spend many a Sunday up to our elbows in baking ingredients. It’s a great way to spend quality time together, and we always learn something new each time. Recently I got a number of cookery freebies online, so we have been going crazy in the kitchen. We made savoury muffins and flapjacks last week which were a welcome addition to all our packed lunch boxes. If you are interested in this activity, check out the many healthy and fun recipes that are perfect for cooking with your children.
  1. Get crafty
    Sometimes I bring out our art supply box, and we all work together on an artful project. This is again a fun and educational weekend to enjoy with your children. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves through their creativity. I’m always amazed and terribly proud of their masterpieces. Recently we made a bird feeder for the garden and the time before that we designed a Christmas card that I copied and sent to the extended family and our friends. Another very fun and creative way to spend the weekend is to do portraits of one another. I suggested this as a one-off activity but my kids found it so hilarious we have done it several times since.

Kids HelpingImage source

  1. Gardening
    I think I’m quite lucky in that I don’t need to persuade my kids to help me with the gardening; they truly love it. So much so that Santa left them some child-friendly gardening tools in their stockings this year. Most children will enjoy the responsibility of their own patch of the garden. They have total control over the types of plants and how to arrange them. They are also in charge of watering and maintaining their patch. There are many easy to follow plant your own kits that are suitable for both young and older children.
  1. Reading
    Another family favorite of ours is spending some time together, reading. Even though we are all absorbed in our own novels, just being in each others company feels like quality family time. It’s also a great opportunity to unwind together after a long week and make some headway with your latest read. Alternatively, we pop on a funny film or TV show.

So, those are my top 7 weekend family activities. I hope that you take some inspiration from this article.

Do you have some of your own favorite family weekend activities to share?

Tips for Teaching Water Safety at Bath Time

Colton was a little bug and we had no issues with him and water … except that he wanted to just jump in and had NO FEAR of water :-)  But I did a lot of these things, not even knowing the benefits, so that is probably why :-)
Colton in pool

Some of the first steps parents need to take to teach their children potentially lifesaving water skills can begin just a few weeks after birth. Instead of treating bath time as a chore, parents can use it as an opportunity to teach their infants and young children how to be comfortable and safe in water by following these tips:

Tips for Teaching Water Safety at Bath Time

  • Do not rely on plastic baby tubs as the only bath time option. Showering with baby can help accustom him/her to the feeling of water splashing down his/her face and help with learning to breathe in water.
  • Fill a regular bathtub with enough water so you can hold your baby in it and float baby on his/her back. Hold baby behind the shoulders and cup the head so baby can’t turn his or her mouth into the water.  This will help baby learn how it feels to have water in his/her ears and teach that it is possible to breathe in the water when doing a back float.
  • Before you pour water over your baby’s head and into his or her eyes and ears, give a cue that the water is about to come splashing down. This helps stop babies from being startled and associating water on their faces with being scared and uncertain.
  • Blowing bubbles helps babies learn they are in control of their breath and makes them comfortable with putting their face in water. Teach children to blow bubbles on cue and make it fun by blowing different types of bubbles.

For more information on USSSA, details on becoming a member of the nation’s leading swim school organization, or to find a USSSA affiliated swim school near you, visit:

Credit: Thank you Sue Mackie, Executive Director of the United States Swim School Association for providing these tips!

Don’t Forget These Essentials When Travelling With Young Children

Travelling with young children shouldn’t be a nightmare, but it could be if you don’t plan properly. They don’t know what’s going on, all they know if that something is different. This could mean listening to them squawk constantly during your journey. To avoid any problems or annoying situations, make sure you take these essentials to keep them happy and safe.

Something to Keep Them Stimulated
Although some adults are perfectly happy spending a journey reading a book or listening to music, young children need to be kept stimulated. The things you bring depend on the age of your child, but their favorite toy can work wonders. A games console, or even a stuffed animal could help them to settle.

A First Aid Kit
You would rather your child didn’t get ill on your trip, but this doesn’t mean they won’t. They won’t take care to avoid hurting themselves either. Make sure you have a first aid kit, filled with things to help your child should something like this happen. Take calpol, antiseptic spray, plasters, and anything else you might need to stop disaster in its tracks.

An In Date Passport
Kid’s passports run out faster than adults, and some parents let it creep up on them. You don’t want to end up getting to the airport to realize that you’ve got an out of date passport, so double check it and renew it if you need to. Every 5 years is the norm for children.

Wipes should be your best friend when travelling. Kids are messy, we all know this. You can’t always access a sink when you’re travelling, so wipes are the next best thing. You don’t want your child to be touching things with sticky hands or smiling at people with a grubby face! Wipes will help you to keep your reputation as a good parent who keeps their child clean in tact.

Something to Stop them from Scratching
Very young kids have a habit of scratching themselves, and you don’t want them covered in red marks while you’re supposed to be enjoying yourselves. A product like Scratchsleeves could put your mind at ease while making sure your child is comfortable.

Mom and baby
picture credit

Protective Clothing
Take the climate of the place you’re travelling to into consideration and pack your child some protective clothing. Make sure they have sunglasses a hat, and long sleeved tops for sunny places. They should have warm coats and beanie hats for cold places. You can only protect them so much with an SPF!

Healthy Snacks
It can be tempting to shut your kids up or keep them going with sweets, but please, do yourself a favor. Pack healthy snacks for your children, so that when you arrive at your destination, they won’t be experiencing the world’s biggest sugar rush. Cheese cubes, fruit, and bagels can be a good choice.

It’s essential you’re prepared if you’re travelling with young children. It can be a wonderful experience providing you plan meticulously beforehand. Have a fantastic trip!

15 Crafty Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

Keeping kids busy can be hard at times, especially if you’re trying to get on with something of your own. You can guarantee that if you don’t give them anything to do, they’ll follow you around all day and stop you from getting important things done. The following crafty ideas should help to keep your kids busy for more than 5 minutes. In fact, I bet you’d only need to give them a few things from the list to keep them busy all day long!

  1. Bake Some Cupcakes

Kids love cupcakes, and baking is a great way to get them into cooking. You can either buy all of the ingredients separate, or buy a kit where everything is included, including the instructions. You’ll need to supervise during certain parts, but they can usually do a lot of it themselves depending on their age. Decorating them will be their favorite part, after eating them that is.

  1. Ask Them to Choreograph Their Own Dance Routine

Your kids probably have an artist or song that they love, so why not ask them to choreograph their own dance routine? You could give them specifics, like you want them all to be in time with each other and the dance should last for at least a few minutes. This should keep them busy for a good hour or so if they get into it!

  1. Make Paper Mache Animal Heads

They could make paper mache anything, but paper mache animal heads can make great decorations for their rooms or play rooms. Simply mount them on to a fancy piece of card and then on to a wall to create a vintage, shabby chic inspired feel.

  1. Make Loom Bands

Loom bands have been big news over the past few months, and kids everywhere are still making them. If your kids haven’t got in on the act yet, why not get them a kit and show them a few Youtube videos to give them an idea of how to do it? If they already know how, tell them you want a beautiful, unique bracelet to wear. This should make them try a more complicated pattern, and they should be busy for quite some time!

  1. Write a Story

Kids have extremely active imaginations, so encourage them to write a story. It can be about anything they like, and afterwards they can read it to you.


  1. Play Games Online

Playing games online can keep your kids occupied for hours, but you need to monitor what they’re doing and ensure they aren’t spending too much time in front of a screen. If you’re worried they might get square eyes, consider printing something out for them instead. My kids love doing logo quizzes, although sometimes they get stuck. That’s when I let them look at things like the bubble logo quiz cheat page with grey dove and blue paw!

  1. Teach Them to Knit/Sew

Knitting and sewing are great skills to have as an adult, so it’ll really help your kids to teach them now. Start them off by sewing a small picture or knitting a small square, before encouraging them to do more complicated tasks.

  1. Make a Mood Board

Taking pictures and words from old newspapers and magazines to make pictures with can be a lot of fun. Encourage your kids to have a theme for their picture, such as a summer garden or princess theme.

  1. Show Them Origami

Kids are fascinated with origami, and they love to create more complicated structures out of a simple piece of paper. There are plenty of patterns online for them to try!

10.   Give Them a Great Book to Read

If your kids don’t like reading, give them a book that they won’t be able to resist. Roald Dahl is always a safe bet, as he usually helps kids to really use their imagination. If your kids love reading, buy them a new book and let them relax somewhere comfortable with it. If my kids are enjoying a book, they’ve been known to finish it in less than a day!

11.  Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Buy some ‘treasure’, and then hide it around the house, telling the kids that you’re going to have a treasure hunt. The ‘treasure’ can be anything, from sweets to a new coloring book. Usually, they’ll be pretty tired after the hunt if you make it difficult enough, and they might even give you a bit of peace by having a nap.

12.   Make Jewelry

Making jewelry is a lot of fun, and you can usually make something with whatever you have to hand. I’ve even helped my kids make bracelets out of old t-shirts!

13.   Paint a Picture

Set up a paint area for your kids, complete with a splash and spill guard. If you want to get them really excited, you could let them paint with their hands!

14.   Make a Fort

Kids love making a little hideaway where they can relax or hide, but this is usually made out of a simple cardboard box. Why not give your kids the tools to make the best fort ever? Give them a variety of boxes in shapes and sizes, plenty of stuff to stick them together, and stuff to decorate. Once they’ve finished, they’ll spend time in there for the rest of the day!

15.   Make an Assault Course

You can do this indoors or outdoors, whichever the weather allows. However, depending on the age of your kids, you may need to supervise so they don’t hurt themselves. Use whatever you have to hand to create the course; brooms, mops, boxes, swing sets, sandpits, pools…you name it! Get creative with a course that will really tire them out, and they should have a nap when they’re done!

I know it isn’t the best feeling to have your kids sat in front of the TV for hours on end, which is why I love using these suggestions to keep my own kids busy. Of course if they’re being particularly grumpy or awkward that day, I just let them watch their favorite film or TV show. Good luck!

New Family Pet?

Choosing the right time to get a family pet is a big decision. Introducing a new furry friend into your family can be life changing in many ways. It is often easy to get carried away with how cute a pet might look and the ‘fun’ things about having a new member of the family, but there is a lot to consider before you do so. Is it really the right time for a family pet? Take a look at the information below that might just help you make the right decision for you and your family.

How many hours do you work? Before you make the decision to get a new pet, you should think about your job. What kind of work do you do and how much time do you spend at home? If you are getting a pet such as a goldfish or a guinea pig, then this isn’t quite as important. However, if you are looking at getting a dog or a cat, then you need to think carefully about this. Dogs and cats love attention. Dogs in particular love to be around people. They don’t do well when left for long periods of time on their own. Not only is it cruel and unfair on your pet, but you’ll also likely come back to a mess. There is every chance that your dog will get bored and destroy the house. Chewing furniture, accidents on the floor.  You name it; it’s going to happen if your pet is left alone. Ensure that someone is home on a regular basis to care for your pet.

Are you fit and healthy? Again, if you are looking at getting a small animal then this one isn’t as relevant. If you are looking to get a dog, you do need to consider your health first. Are you well enough to take your pet out for regular walks and runs? Depending on the breed, your dog might need up to a few hours each day walking and running. Animals need to burn off energy and stay fit, just like humans do. If you aren’t in a good place health wise, then now might not be the best time to think about getting a pet.

Cute puppylink

Can you afford vet bills and pet costs? Pet fleas and health issues are common reasons why your pet might need to go to the vet. You should ensure that you can afford good health insurance for your pet and that you can provide any last minute vet bills that might crop up. As with humans, animals often have accidents that we don’t see coming.

Are your children old enough? Think about the age of your children. Are they old enough to respect an animal? If your child is too young to understand not to play rough with an animal, then you should probably wait a few years. There is nothing worse than the potential of your child getting injured by your pet.

Is it safe? Think about safety aspects of a pet. Is the pet you are choosing safe for children? Do you have an enclosed and secure garden to keep your pet safe too? These are all important considerations to bear in mind before getting a pet.

Make PERFECT Cinnamon Rolls EVERY time!

My mom showed me a new way to make cinnamon rolls and I am so glad she did because they are delicious, and perfect every time you make them.  No more burning the botttoms, no more icing all over the plate, no more waiting forever and then guessing if they are done yet.

Check this out:
Make them on the Waffle Iron!!

I know- who would have thought?

Cin Rolls 1

Here is how to do it:
1. Heat up your favorite waffle iron.  We have a Belgium Waffle Maker and I think this style works best.  (I haven’t tried it with any of the smaller ones)
2. Spray your waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray.
3. Put one Cinnamon Roll on each slot of the Waffle Maker.
Cin Rolls 3
4. Cook.
5. Viola!  Your waffles are done!
6. Heat up the icing (take the metal lid off) in the microwave for 10 seconds so you can pour it on.
7. ENJOY!!!

Cin Rolls 2

These are easy to eat and SO yummy!

Easy Bedroom Design Ideas For Busy Moms

If you’ve have small children in your home, the bulk of your time is probably spent looking after them. That means renovations and redecorating often takes a backseat. Even so, 2015 could be the best time to improve your home and make it look stunning once again. We think you should always start with your bedroom. That is where you spend most of your time. It’s important that you create a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere to ensure you always get enough sleep. None of the ideas we’re going to list are particularly complicated, and most of them are pretty cheap to put in place. So, perhaps it’s wise to pay attention?

Modern Bedroom StyleMikhail Golub

Select a new flooring solution
The best way to change the appearance of any room is to look for alternative flooring. If you have laminate or real wood at the moment, you might consider buying some stylish carpet. Not only will that make your room a little warmer, but it could also change the aesthetics completely. Those of you who already have carpets might like to consider the opposite. Don’t worry about wooden floors being a bit colder as you can still add some rugs to ensure your feet always stay at a suitable temperature.

Get some designer light fittings
Designer light fittings are much cheaper than you might imagine these days. You can pick up Murray Feiss and similar brands from almost any specialist store. Adding a posh light fitting could help to make your room seem a little more upmarket. It could also make your space appear bigger. Of course, you should always add a dimmer switch so that you have better control over the level of illumination you experience. You’ll be happy to learn they are also cheap, and there are lots of guides that show you how to fit them without electrocuting yourself.

Buy a king size bed
While you might not have experienced any issues with your standard double, nothing says luxury like a king size bed. You could add some Egyptian cotton sheets if you want the best results, although they can be expensive. Opting for a memory foam mattress will help increase comfort, but it might set you back a few thousand dollars. The solution is to purchase a topper. You can pick those up online for less than $100 in most instances, and they work very well. Nobody will ever know the difference. At the end of the day, you want the most relaxing bedroom possible. Memory foam will help you to achieve that goal.

However you decide to improve your bedroom over the next few weeks, you just need to make a plan of action. Buying online if often a good idea if you want to save money. However, sometimes it’s best to view expensive items before you commit to making a purchase. The decision is down to you. Just remember that your personal space should be as atmospheric as possible

If you need more ideas and advice, there are plenty of other posts on this blog. Take a look around before you leave us today.