How to make a Rescue Bots Themed Napkin

When Colton said he wanted a Rescue Bots themed birthday party and I agreed, I did not realize that there was not ANY type of premade party decorations in the Rescue Bot theme- which by the way- they need to have!  I had to come up with creative ways to make anything I could rescue bots themed.  That includes down to the napkins- I got the plain yellow dinner napkins from Birthday Express and the blades design was from a printable I found on pinterest.

Step 1:  Unfold the Dinner Sized Napkin and lay it flat

Rescue Bots Napkin

Step 2: Fold the corners of each side to the middle.

How to 1

Step 3: Fold each side of the napkin to the middle, making a “hotdog” sized napkin.  Rescue Bots NapkinsStep 4: Bring the Long sides of the napkin to the middle so that you now have a square. IMG_5376Step 5: Move the napkin so the crease in the middle is horizontal.  Now on the part that is closest to you, pull out each side so you have points on both sides.IMG_5377Step 6: Take the point on the right and crease it down toward you.

IMG_5378Step 7: Turn your napkin so the other side is now toward you and pull each side out so you have the points, as you did in step 5.


Step 8: Take the point on the right and pull it down, and crease it, as you did in step 6.

IMG_5380Step 9: Add your decoration :-) I used a TEENY bit of creative Memories double sided adhesive to stick Blades on the napkin.  By only using a little bit, the decor helped to keep the napkin folded and in place, but was easy for guests to pull off so they could use the napkin during the party.

Rescue Bots Decorated Napkin

If you are planning a Rescue Bots themed party, check out my post on Colton’s Rescue Bot Themed Party at Coco Key Orlando!  Lots of ideas to bring your kids’ ideas to life!


Colton’s 5th Birthday Party at Coco Key Orlando Water Resort

Colton, David and I went to Coco Key for a mini vacation last month and had a BLAST.  While we were there there was a birthday party and ever since, Colton has been talking about Coco Key and BEGGING to have his birthday party there.  Well I decided to check out my options and see what I could do to make this work.  Luckily the folks over at Coco Key were excited to have us and worked with me to pull off this super awesome Birthday Party.

Cocoa Key Birthday Party

If you are thinking of somewhere really cool to have your child’s next birthday- check out Coco Key, they have awesome Birthday Party Packages and they are more affordable than you think… Packages start at just $350 and go up from there depending on what add ons you would like.  You can check out the Birthday Party Flier for the exact pricing, but I am going to share a quick over view too :-)

The starter package is a great place start for any family.  With this you will get:
10 guests and 2 chaperons
2 hours to swim in the water park
1 Hour in the private Birthday Party Room
Birthday Meal for all guests
Personalized Birthday Cake
Goody Bags
$5 Arcade Card for each child

Our issue was that with little kids we needed more chaperons, if the children are younger you get double the chaperons included and you can add on additional adults and children as well.

Coco Key Arcade 1

There are many add ons you can make to your party package- and I want to note one that we added on that EVERYONE raved about- and that is the 1 Hour Unlimited Arcade Time.  After we ate and before cake and ice cream we did the one hour unlimited arcade.  The kids had a BALL and even the parents raved about how great the unlimited arcade was.  When you do the unlimited Arcade card a few things are important to note:
1. You have 60 seconds between games, so from the time you swipe the card to play game 1, a minute needs to pass before you can play the next game.  We noticed this a few times when Colton played those games that I normally refer to as token eaters.
2. if the game gives an actual prize, you can not use the Unlimited Arcade Card on that game.
3.  Your time on your card starts as soon as you swipe for the first game and will keep track for you, just watch when you scan the card to play a game, it will tell you how much time you have left.
4. You tickets are loaded onto your card automatically.  This is cool- and for a 5 year old who forgets to grab tickets, it is good for his to have the tickets auto loaded to the card.
5. You can check your ticket balance at the machine that you would normally buy tokens at (It is on the back wall to the right of the prize counter).

Arcade 2

The Fabulous Birthday Party!
Coco Key really did a great job at being flexible to accommodate everything I wanted for Colton’s birthday party.  The one thing Colton really wanted was to have a Rescue Bots Party- but AT Coco Key Water Resort.  I explained this to the Birthday Party Hostess and she worked with me to make sure Colton had a Rescue Bots Party.  Coco Key designed him a Rescue Bot Birthday Cake- which by the way tasted DELICIOUS.  Many of the guests asked for a second piece and everyone commented on how great it tasted.  While Coco Key normally provides all the tableware for birthday parties- and normally I would accept the provided tableware, but since Colton really wanted to have a Rescue Bots themed Party, so I had some ideas with the plates, napkins and cups to pull of a super cool Rescue Bots Party.  Check out some of the cute things I did with the tableware:

Rescue Bots Birthday Party

I will be doing another party in Ohio for his Ohio friends and school mates, since I have more time to put this party together I am partnering with LoveBuggyDesigns for the decor on the next party.  I still think that the rescue bots stuff came out super cute- even if they were just images I found on the internet :-)  Also- the tableware, costume, and favors came from Birthday Express :-)

The Birthday Party hostess let me handle the set up I wanted, but was also there to help out with anything I needed- which is just what I was looking for.  :-)

When we started the Birthday Party the families arrived and kicked off the party with 2 hours of swimming in the water park.  This was a great way to get things started and kick off the fun- I am really glad we did this since it did storm for a little while later in the day so we had a break in the water park time because of this.  Our party also had a set of tables reserved just for us- which was nice so grandparents can watch the kids play and parents have somewhere reserved for us to put towels and bags and things that they might need while the kiddos were in the water.

Coco Key reserved Tables

After the free time in the water was over- it was FOOD TIME.  Everyone was hungry for pizza!  The kids had personal sized pizzas and we ordered mediums for the adults.  :-)  You also get unlimited fountain drinks with your birthday party, so that is a plus since everyone seemed to be thirsty after swimming.  There are several options for food at Coco Key, I let Colton pick what he wanted- and he opted for pizza so that is why we did pizza.  If it were up to me I would have picked the Burger or Chicken Tenders– but it was’t my birthday lol.


Next we did the one hour unlimited Arcade Time- I highlighted this already- but DEFINITELY do this add on!  After everyone burned off all the pizza by playing in the arcade, it was time for Cake and Ice Cream.

We recently learned of a great cause that is centered around Ice Cream- Give Kids The World.  I was so excited when Coco Key said they would let us include an Ice Cream Social with Colton’s Birthday Party.  It was a great opportunity to spread the word about this great cause to our friends and family with Colton’s Birthday Celebration.  And of course we had cake and sang happy birthday to little man :-)

After Cake and Ice Cream, we headed to the water again!   This was put to a halt because of the lovely thunder storm that was rolling in- but I think EVERYONE enjoyed a little more arcade time while the storm passed- and once it did- we were all back in the water.

Colton Birthday Water

Colton had yet another awesome Birthday Party- we stayed at the water park until it closed at 9 PM and he and I had fun in Minnows Lagoon while he went down the Lagoon Slides… over and over and over again :-)

I love to throw great birthday parties for Colton, I feel that he gets one party a year and I should do everything I can to make it special for him.  Coco Key helped to make his day EXTRA special for Colton and all his friends.  The kids went on and on about how this was the coolest birthday party ever!  My friend Lee’s son says “This is like the coolest place I have ever been and I have only been here like 10 minutes!”  Colton definitely felt extra special at his birthday party, and as a mom- that makes it all worth it.

Coco Key Birthday Party


Please refer to my previous post about Coco Key Water Resort and Hotel for a more detailed description of the water park and hotel facility.

Disclosure:  Thank you to Coco Key Water Resort for offering a discount on the birthday party package I selected for Colton.  All opinions in this post are my own, honest opinions.  This is not a Paid Post.  

Baby Depot at Burlington, A Great Place to find Baby Essentials for less!

if you have not thought about shopping at Baby Depot (inside Burlington) for the things you need for your little one you are missing out on great products at great prices!

The Baby Depot has a great selection of those essentials that you would normally find at department stores, only they cost less at Baby Depot!  They have everything from Cribs and Mattresses, to Strollers and Car Seats, to Blankets, Sheets, and Bedding, to Toys and Clothes for baby.

I had the opportunity to check out some awesome products that you might find at your local Baby Depot:
Baby Depot

Super cute, right?  I am in love with the Sock Monkey, he is very soft, has a little rattle, and a silky back, which is something babies like.  The Pink Stepping Stone Shoes are simply adorable and the perfect addition to any fashiionista’s closet.  Yes, that is sequence and a big giant flower on the top! Of course there is one thing every baby needs- and that is onsies and of course the traditional Gerber Brand Onsies are a staple for every new baby.  These are just a few examples of things you will find at Baby Depot ;-)

Baby Depot also offers Baby registry, if you are expecting, especially if you are having a baby shower, you will want to create a registry to let your friends and family know what items you still need for baby.  This is also a good way for them to see what has been purchased too.  When you are registering at Baby Depot your friends and family can also save on the things they will purchase you and your little one, so it is a win/win for everyone!

Be sure to stop by Baby Depot and check out everything they have.  My friend posted at the beginning of the summer she scored some awesome Gymboree clothes for her little girl for around $3-5 each piece… so you never know what gems you will find when you shop Baby Depot at Burlington :-)

FTC Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this post, but I did receive product from Baby Depot.  All opinions are my own, honest, opinions.   

The Best Activities in Barcelona for Families

Barcelona is a fantastic country, but it isn’t just reserved for couples and friendship groups. Families are also welcomed here, and will find so many fun things to do. The quality time a family spends together on holiday is like no other, so to make sure you get the most out of try some of these great activities:


Enjoy the Magic of the Magic Fountains

The magic fountains run every 15-30 minutes and are a great surprise for adults and children alike. The fountains really do appear magical, using an array of colours to create different effects. I highly recommend that you get a close view when the weather’s a little windy and see what happens!

Spend the day at Montjuic Castle

There’s so much to do at Montjuic Castle; you need to spend a whole day here to enjoy it all! First of all, take a cable car ride to enjoy amazing views of Barcelona from way up high. You can then explore the grounds of Montjuic Castle, which is also the home to the comic book museum! On warm days they have an open air cinema, and there are plenty of areas to have a picnic or a barbecue too. Once you’re ready to retire for the day, relax at your great hotel booked on a site like

Don’t Miss Tibidabo Amusement Park

This amusement park has something for children of all ages. There are plenty of different themed areas, and adults will enjoy an amazing view of Barcelona from the grounds. It’s one of the city’s main attractions, so it shouldn’t be missed.

Learn All About Sea Life at Barcelona Aquarium

Do your kids love sea life? They can learn all about it here at Barcelona Aquarium! There are multiple species for you all to view and learn about, and there are even free shows for kids of certain ages, like the educational penguin show! Or perhaps your child would rather learn all about sharks? Make sure you sign up on the day to attend these shows!

Show the Kids Sagrada Familia

Nobody should leave Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia first. The artist Gaudi designed it, and it has been under construction since 1880! There is still much to be added to it, but when it’s finished it’ll have a total of 18 towers. There’s a museum where you can see plans, and you can even see architects interpreting and restoring Gaudi’s work.

Barcelona Zoo

Animals galore are kept here at Barcelona Zoo, with over 400 species. There’s a petting zoo, dolphin shows, and even workshops for the little kids! If you fancy a picnic for lunch, feel free to settle down in one of the tranquil, beautiful picnic areas. There’s a play park and pony rides too for when your kids need even more excitement.

This is just a small selection of the activities available for families visiting Barcelona. If you’re travelling with kids, it’s important that they have a great time too. Select a couple of things on the list to keep them ticking over in between relaxing on the beach and exploring!

Photo Author: Flickr

BlogHer 2014 Was It Worth it?

BLOGHER2014LOGOThis year I attended my fourth BlogHer Conference, this year a lot of things were expected to change.  I think many bloggers expected this change for worse, although it was advertised to be for the better.  Since I am sitting in an airport on my way home and everything is still very fresh I wanted to share my thoughts about this year’s conference.

Things did change A LOT in some aspects, but mostly a lot is the same as previous years.

First, I love to go to BlogHer, I have several reasons I attend but the top one is to network.  I am interested in building relationships with brands and working with them as an ongoing basis, this is important to me and it is beneficial to my blog.  I also group networking with other bloggers in this category because I love my bloggy besties, and they help me to build my blog, give advice, and are some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

I feel that BlogHer has really let the attendees down over the last few years and this actually made me second think going this year.

BlogHer for me is a combination of BlogHer events and what they would refer to as “Outboard” events.  Outboard events are parties hosted around the conference location that are not official BlogHer events and are unrelated to BlogHer.  You do not need a conference pass to attend these parties and most of the time, these events are invite only, or First Come First Served for tickets.

In between 2010 and  2013 BlogHer came down really hard on the hosts of these outboard events, bloggers with sponsorship, and even PR reps that are attending the conference but not exhibiting at BlogHer.  I know that it is in BlogHer’s best interest if these brands do become officially apart of the conference.  But as a blogger that tried to attain sponsorship for BlogHer, it seems that brands are almost fearful to sponsor bloggers attending BlogHer.  Maybe this is because they do not want to deal with the wrath of legal from BlogHer if there is any miscommunication or accidental breaking of a policy.  (Example, my roomie got a nice letter from BlogHer shortly before the conference telling her she needed to buy a more expensive pass because she was sponsored… but she was not sponsored- she did a review of business cards that she brought to BlogHer.)

As an attendee, I loved attending the outboard events, it was added fun to the conference and an opportunity to connect with new brands, or meet up the the PR Reps that I have been working with. I was sad to see A LOT less of these events this year, and I hope in the future that these brands do try to become an official BlogHer Event.
I attended an event this year that was an outboard event last year- the hosts commented that it was not hard at all to attain the status of being an official BlogHer Event.  Hopefully more brands will follow suit and we can bring back these awesome events to this conference.


I am also sad to see so many “one and done” brands in the expo hall and as sponsors for BlogHer.  This makes me think that BlogHer has burned some bridges over the years.  As someone who organizes events, you should be building the amount of exhibitors every year.  Those that participated last year should be SO happy that they want to participate next year, that is the responsibility of the event host to ensure their exhibitors are happy.

Last year, many bloggers- myself included- were disappointed that in the Expo Hall many booths did not have PR Reps present. This year, that was NOT the case.  I stopped at almost every booth in the Expo Hall and every one of them had a PR rep there, or they were able to give me a time to stop back so I could chat with the representative for that company.  I am happy to see this change.  I look forward to networking in the Expo Hall so that I can make connections, if there isn’t a representative there- I am learning about a product but not making a connection, so that is not cool.  With a Blogger Outreach or Social Media Rep in the booth I can learn about what they are looking for, learn about what they are promoting this year, and how we can team up together.  I am very excited about many of the connections I made this year and look forward to working with these brands.

CLASSES- Many people attend blogging conferences to attend classes and expand their knowledge on blogging.  This is not why I attend BlogHer and unless you are a blogging newbie, you will probably be disappointed with the classes at BlogHer.  I did not attend any classes this year, I had an Expo/Networking pass, so attending classes was not even an option for me.  I did chat with some bloggers that attended classes this year because I do think this is important to know how the classes are.  I heard the same thing that I hear every year #1 the classes are too crowded and #2 the classes are not beneficial to them because they are beyond the Blogging 101 stage.  Keep this in mind when you are weighing in what you want to get out of BlogHer, if you are expecting to learn a lot from classes- you might be disappointed.

It is not all a waste when it comes to learning though.  When you are attending BlogHer you are going to conference with professional bloggers, many of which this is their full time job and are extremely successful at it.  I learn A LOT about blogging, social media, how things are changing, how to adjust to these changes, tips for growing, tips for working with brands, advice on which brands to connect with that will fit my blog… and much more all from my peers (other bloggers) at conferences and events.  It is great to hear about what is working and not working for other bloggers, nothing about blogging fits into one cookie cutter class so it would be very difficult to teach a class that would fit all bloggers.  So talk to other bloggers, learn what they are doing and if you have questions, ASK- I love to help other bloggers and I think most bloggers are like me.  We are all in a community together and we need to support each other :-)


Keynotes, as always I heard the Keynotes were awesome!  I have attended several Keynote Speakers at BlogHer over the years and they really are great presentations and great speakers.  Normally, the lunches provided are really great.  I heard that the meals this year were delicious but hit or miss on being filling.  I heard from several bloggers yesterday that they were starving because lunch was only a teeny salad.  I personally do not depend on the meals BlogHer provides and didn’t even have the option to this year since I had the Expo Pass, but I know there are attendees that depend on these so that was not cool.  Yes- If you have a Full Conference Pass there are meals provided and this does help with the cost of the conference. (and normally the meals are really great, and delicious!!)

BlogHer- as with every conference is what you make of it.  If you have a bad attitude and throw a tantrum over silly stuff… you will be miserable and you will make those around you miserable.  So put a smile on your face, drink an extra cup of coffee, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for 3 days of complete GO GO GO- organized- fun, networking and learning.  I will say I felt like a party pooper this year since I was in bed early each night, but I have that horrible First Trimester Tiredness thing going on so I really needed the rest and I missed some of the late night stuff.  But- by going to bed early, I was able to be well rested in the morning and had a GREAT time at all the day time events.

The big debate- will I attend BlogHer again?  I get this question A LOT and my answer is this- I have no idea.  There are several things that come into play with if I attend again: location, cost, sponsorship for me, sponsors that are present… and of course what is going on in my life and if I am able to go.  So I will not make that decision until I find out the majority of the answers to these questions.  But hopefully I will see all my bloggy besties next year at BlogHer :-)


SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team Returns Rehabilitated Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle

SeaWorld_Orlando_Returns_Kemp_s_Ridley_Sea_TurtleEarly Tuesday morning, after being medically cleared, SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team traveled to Washington Oaks Garden State Park in Palm Coast, Fla., just south of St. Augustine, to return a juvenile Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle.

The Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle was rescued in March by a University of Central Florida turtle monitoring group and was taken to SeaWorld Orlando for care and rehabilitation. Upon arrival, the turtle was underweight and lethargic. During its rehabilitation, the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team treated the sea turtle with antibiotics and fluids. Since arriving at SeaWorld, this sea turtle has gained weight and was medically cleared to be returned today.

So far in 2014, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 30 sea turtles and returned 20 sea turtles. Since 1980, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued more than 1,700 turtles and returned more than 1,100.

In collaboration with the government and other members of accredited stranding networks, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment operates one of the world’s most respected programs to rescue ill and injured marine animals, with the goal to rehabilitate and return to the waters. SeaWorld animal experts have helped more than 23,000 animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than four decades.

For more information, visit

If you see an injured marine animal, you can help by calling the FWC hotline at (888) 404-3922 or by dialing *FWC on a cellular device.

Howl-O-Scream Tickets are now Available for Busch Gardens!

busch Gardens Howl O scream
This fall, for 18 select nights, Howl-O-Scream® 2014 returns to Busch Gardens® Tampa with tormenting surprises and unexpected terrors around every corner. Busch Gardens’ 300 acres will be overgrown with dark, sinister, adult-targeted fun.
Hundreds of roaming creatures will swarm the streets, making escape nearly impossible. A chilling live show will get your pulse pounding, and Florida’s top thrill rides in the dark, including North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower Falcon’s Fury™ will keep the screams coming all night long.
Freaky Preview is back and will open Howl-O-Scream 2014 on Friday, Sept. 26 and Saturday, Sept. 27.  The event then runs Thursdaythrough Saturday nights, Oct. 2-Nov. 1. Howl-O-Scream will also be open on Sunday, Oct. 19.  Operating hours are 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. 
Get your tickets early and save on a single terrifying night at Howl-O-Scream 2014. For a limited time, any single-day admission toHowl-O-Scream 2014 is $47. There’s safety in numbers, so you and three friends can also save on a pack of four or more tickets toHowl-O-Scream 2014 on Thursdays, starting at $35 per person. Busch Gardens Tampa pass members can take advantage of their limited time exclusive discount on any single-day admission to Howl-O-Scream 2014 for only $42. 
Stay tuned to for the latest terrifying details. Howl-O-Scream 2014 is a separate ticketed night event. No costumes are allowed. For guest information, visit or call 1-888-800-5447.
Howl-O-Scream is intended for a mature audience. This year’s event contains intense adult content such as violence, gore and blood.

Send your Kids Back to School in Style with Kohls and Disney! #MagicAtPlay


Some parents are looking forward to it, some parents are dreading it- but one thing is for sure, Back to School is just around the corner!  Back to School means shopping for new clothes for your little ones- we all know that they need the PERFECT outfit for the first day of school and Kohls wants to help bring the magic of Disney to the classroom with two new Disney Collections by Jumping Beans.

Boys will get to embody the adventurous spirit of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, while girls will
learn to be royal with Sofia the First character apparel. The Disney apparel Jake &
Sofia collection by Jumping Beans is available in toddler and girls 4-7 sizes,
starting July 28.

Colton LOVES Jake and the Never Land Pirates and the new Jake collection has really cute outfits, perfect for being comfy, playing, but still looking stylish for school.


If you have a girl, the Sophia the First Collection is SUPER cute too!  I love the stylish, yet comfy look of the dresses and skirts with leggings under them.  Of course this collection is brightly colored, with ruffles and tiaras- perfect for every princess :-)


I can not wait until these new collections become available, I will definitely be stopping by Kohls on July 28th to check out the new Jake and the Never Land Pirates collection, I know Colton will love to wear these stylish outfits to Kindergarten this year.  If you don’t have a Kohls store nearby, or you don’t have time to stop, both of these collections will be available on starting July 28th!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review. 

BlogHer Here I Come!


I am so excited that tomorrow morning, very early in the morning I will getting on a plane and headed to San Jose for BlogHer.  I am excited to meet up with old friends, make new friends, connect with awesome brands, and of course LEARN more about blogging and social media.

I need to do a huge shout out and THANK YOU to my two bloggy friends for helping me out tremendously.  Up until Monday I did not think I would be going to BlogHer, I had no plane ticket, no hotel… all I had was a ticket that I won from Mom RN.  Well hubby knew how much I wanted to go and told me to book the plane ticket and Stefanie from Mommy Enterprises and Beeb from Blog My Wedding for letting me stay at their hotels :-)

I hope you will join me on Facebook and Twitter as I am posting LIVE from the conference.  This weekend will be awesome, so feel free to follow along at #BlogHer14

Please join me for the Mommy Has A Life Facebook Party!

Facebook Party Image

I love my readers and I love working with great brands- I love bringing my readers great prizes… all of this comes together to bring you the Mommy Has A Life Facebook Party!  Please join me August 5-7, 2014 for a fun filled three days of prizes and giveaways on the Mommy Has  A Life Facebook page.

I will start on August 5th with posting giveaways and all giveaways will conclude on August 7th at 11:59 PM.  You, my awesome readers will have an opportunity to enter any and all giveaways that you would like… I hope you enter them all because the more you enter, the more you can win!

How to enter:  Entering the giveaways will be easy, all you have to do is comment on the Facebook post that contains the giveaway.  It is also greatly appreciated if you send the sponsors some love by also “liking” their Facebook Page– if it isn’t for these awesome sponsors there would not be a Facebook Party and awesome prizes!

Please mark your calendar and don’t forget to stop by and check the awesome sponsors’ Facebook Pages too!

Glamour Mom- Nursing Tank with Bra an adjustable Chest Bandglamour mom

ReSqueeze Reusable Food Pouches 4-pack
ReSqueeze_4-pack_largeEast & Lo Maxi Dress

east and lo

5 Coupons for Pledge Floor Care
Pledge Floor Care

AppleCheeks Minizip All Purpose Aac in the winner’s choice of colorApple Cheeks

Hazelwood Pendant Necklace in winners choice of boy or girl styleshazelwood

Lalabu Soothe Shirt


One Case (8 Bottles) of Clearon!clearon

Hoodsbee Hoodsbee

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Mommy Has A Life Facebook Party and would like to sponsor a giveaway for a prize, please fill out this form