Why Your Child Should Be In Touch With Nature

Kids today can seem a little distant. It can be difficult for parents to connect with their children. That’s because technology plays a huge part in the lives of children in today’s world. Six-year-olds can understand digital technology in a way that adults cannot. Kids can use iPads before they can speak. That may sound incredible, but it’s true. I’ve seen it happen myself. It’s a little scary for anyone who came of age in a time when cellphones were the size of houses!

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Children have embraced the digital world more than any other age group. It’s what they see every day of their lives. As soon as they entered the world, technology surrounded them. It’s no surprise that they can use it better than anyone else. It’s familiar to them in a way that it couldn’t be for anyone else. It’s good that kids can use technology. That will help them to get better jobs and to connect with other people. That doesn’t mean technology should be their only source of play. In fact, the opposite is true. You don’t want your kids to become dependent on technology. They should be able to engage with every aspect of the world around them. That’s where nature plays a part.

Every child needs a balanced life. That’s true for technology and nature too. Today’s kids should grow up with an appreciation of nature as well as of technology. There are lots of reasons why being familiar with nature can help your children. For one thing – nature is beautiful. There’s nothing better than taking a walk through the local park. Seeing the wildlife and learning about the plants can be rewarding for your children. That knowledge could also open up new career opportunities for them as they grow up. Not everyone will want to work in technology. What if your child wants to get interested in plants, animals and the natural world? Encouraging an interest in nature from an early age could be vital for that interest.

Nature can also help kids to get the right amount of exercise. We all know that children struggle to exercise enough. That’s because it’s difficult to exercise indoors. You should try and let your kids enjoy natural spaces. They’ll run around, play games and have a great time. It’s a good idea to have a family home with a big garden. Country estates in Tetbury have lots of outdoor space. If you can’t do that, try and take your kids to the park instead.

Last of all, an appreciation of the natural world can make children happier. Nature is simpler than the world of technology. It’s easy to understand and appreciate. It can help to calm down hyperactive children. The serenity of nature could do a world of good for your child’s mood.

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You can’t overlook the importance of the natural world in your child’s education. Nature should be a fundamental building block in your child’s life experience. A love of nature could stay with your child forever. Make sure you give them the chance to make that connection.


Don’t Buy A Family Home Without These Elements

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect family home, you might be finding it very difficult. Some homes seem perfect until you look a little closer. Others need a lot of work done before they can be considered perfect. So what are you supposed to do? As a general rule, I wouldn’t consider buying a family home without the following elements:


A Great School Nearby
If you’re looking for a family home, then it only makes sense to make sure there’s a great school nearby for your kids to attend. How do you know if a school is great? Well, first off you can speak to people in the area to see what they think. You can then read all kinds of things online. Lastly, you can go to view the school yourself along with your children to see what the staff and pupils are like.

A Huge Garden
Kids love to play in the garden. The great thing about it is that it’s much better for them than being on the computer or their tablet 24/7. If you make sure you have a big garden, you can create all kinds of play areas for them and help them to stay fit and healthy.

Good Parks
Good parks nearby will mean you have places to walk as a family and spend the day when the weather’s nice. It’s always nice to make sure you have beautiful areas like this near your home!

A Gym Nearby
Gyms are great for getting fit and getting rid of stress. If you ever feel stressed at home, you can simply pop to the gym for a run or a swim and get rid of all those stresses. It’s even a great place you can take your kids to teach them how to swim.

Plenty of Storage
Kids might only be small, but they grow quickly. Plus, as they grow, they accumulate loads of stuff. This calls for as much storage as possible. However much storage you have in a house, you’ll always fill it. Trust me on this! Family homes for sale in East Kilbride have plenty of storage.

Room for Multiple Cars
Your kids will grow up, and one day they’ll be old enough to drive. You might not want to think about it right now, but it makes sense to have room for multiple cars.

Good Public Transport Links
On the other hand, your kids probably won’t be driving for a while. They may never want to drive. You may not drive either! If this is the case, it’s essential to have good transport links. No matter where you live, whether it’s in a busy town or the middle of nowhere, a bus or a train can get you to where you want to be.

You shouldn’t put an offer in on a family home if it’s missing many of these elements. Remember, circumstances change all the time and you should be prepared. Enjoy choosing your new house!

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Life. Cancer. Death.

I will not lie.  I do not deal well with things like illness, injury, and death.  Death- probably the one thing I tend to emotionally avoid the most.  My family has been through so much this year, and as if things for me personally couldn’t get any worse cancer hit our family.

My step-dad, who is a stubborn old man, has been having some health issues and took way to long to go get checked out (don’t all men do this?).  FINALLY he listened to my mom, took the day off work and went to the ER.  They admitted him and found a mass on his lung… more tests and more tests and they tell him and my mom the cancer is spread and he is terminal.

SHOCK. TEARS. EMOTIONS. THOUGHTS. REGRETS. SADNESS. all at once came over our family.

They had plans.  He wanted to cut back at work so he and my mom could travel.  They are still fixing up their house.  My mom relies on him.  He handles all the important stuff- and she has no idea what to do with any of that.  This was not the plan, this is not supposed to be the end for him.

My mom is crying all the time.  For the first time in the 12 years he has been in my life, I saw him share emotions.  I am crying.  My sister is crying.  I came home Tuesday and tried talking to my mom and she was so distraught she wasn’t making any sense.  She is so lost.  I hate watching this.  He is in so much pain.  They are preparing for the inevitable and all I can do is watch and cry.

I can not change this.  Nothing I can do, unless I come up with the cure for cancer can change this.  I am sad.  I am sad my mom is losing her husband.  I am sad my son is losing his grandpa.  I am sad to see him in pain and struggling.  I am sad to see them preparing for this.

God has a plan.  My mom told me that she feels this is the reason God brought me back to Ohio.  I was so angry when Colton and I had to come back.  I was so angry to see my family ripped apart.  I was so angry to not be with my husband when I need him the most.  But no one saw this coming and now my mom and my family need me and I am glad that I am here.  I still miss David every day- but I can feel in my heart that this is where I am needed and this is where God put me for this reason.

If you pray, please keep my family in your prayers.  We really need it right now.

Wall Decals, the Perfect way to Make Any Room Unique

Photo frame tree wall stickers: imagination and art

tree wall decals

I have seen a photo frame tree wall sticker in my uncle’s living room. It looks really nice and

my uncle showed me the different family photographs through this sticker and I recognized one

photograph with my father on that wall. I was really surprised and I looked like a kid. After

a while I asked to my uncle about this sticker and he told me that it is available in the online

shopping portals.

Now I have installed a black shaded tree and flowers wall sticker in my dining and I have also

attached some family photo frames and landscape photographs on the various branches. It looks

really awesome and my dining room looks like a star heritage hotel. My dining set and all the

furniture colors are black and the wall color is a light crème. I installed the tree wall sticker by

applying the contrast combination of the color.

Candy look of living room

We can decorate our living room with a candy look. It is very simple and easy process. First

we have to buy some light and vibrant colored furniture for our living room like, yellow sofa

set with white centre table or a green sofa set with a sea blue centre table. We can also arrange

some red color small sitting tools in our living room. Then we have to install a photo frame tree

wall sticker on the back side wall of the sofa set. We can use a tree photo frame wall sticker with

leaves, flower and birds.

family is forever

I have installed a tree wall sticker in my living room and decorate it with photo frames. I have

chosen a dark brown tree which bends toward the right side and the tree spreads its branches

on the right direction. I have pasted some green leaves around the branches and I have even

installed some various color photo frame on the branches of the tree. I have added some extra

creativity with some owl picture stickers on the tree. It looks like a real one and it is a perfect

match with my light color living room furniture. My living room reflects a candy look which is

different from the clichéd decoration system.

Snow white kid’s room

Kids’ room decoration is really very difficult because we have to use some vibrant hues in our

kids’ room but along with that we should arrange some creative elements in our kid’s room. Kids

learn by watching others. This period is the dream-time of their age and they start their learning

process with fairy stories.

princess wall decals

If we decorate the kids’ room with a fairy tale or snow white effect then kids imagine their

room like a castle or a place of the fairy tale. We can easily do this work at a minimum cost. We

can use a snow white tree wall sticker on their room wall. It will represent a snow fall and the

branches of the tree are spread sheets with white snow effects. After that, we can install some

family photograph frames on that three. We have to install these frames in the perfect position

because it should be like a family tree also. Kids’ mind is inquisitive and they ask about these

photo frames repeatedly and then we can explain and help them to identify their family members.

Through this process we can solve the decoration purpose and our kids will learn lot of things.

How to apply the tree wall stickers? Fact and features


It is very simple and easy to install the tree photo frame wall stickers on the wall. These wall

stickers come with a back layer and application tape. We have to remove the back layer and

past in the decided position and then we have to remove the application tape smoothly. It is a

removable and reusable sticker. We can use it for several purposes and easily transfer them from

one wall to another wall.

We can place the mural decals wall tree art in our living and dinning room. For kitchen, we can

apply some quote words. It looks very attractive and elegant. We can use the tree wall sticker

with photo frame in the ceramic tiles wall also. We can build a ceramic wall at the entrance of

our house and stick this three wall sticker on that wall. It decorates our exterior and it represents

our family prestige to the visitors. When our guests come, they will look at the wall first and

know the family heritage from the photographs.

Disney On Ice Presents Frozen comes to Orlando

I must admit I was not expecting to be blown away by Frozen characters on ice skates. What I expected was for them to have to adjust the story line so much due to the location and nature of this Disney animation , that I would pick out all the flaws and not really enjoy it as much as the movie, which we LOVE!!! Kind of like reading a book and then watching the movie sort of disappointment.

What I got was a mesmerizing and completely entertaining show. From the time Sven and Kristoff stepped on the ice I was spellbound. The costuming and stage effects were fantastic. I really didn’t noticed when a few minor things had to be changed to work with the lack of cliff to jump from or the lake to fall into. It wasn’t until my daughter and I were watching the movie the next day that I realized those things were altered.

This is a show that any Frozen fan would Not want to miss!  Show times are 7:00 p.m. September 4th thru the 7th. Ticket prices are $20.00 for basic seating  to $200.00 for front row. Check out Ticket Master or Amway Center box office for availability.

Check to see if Disney On Ice is coming to a city near you



 FTC Disclosure: I received free tickets to attend this show in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinion are my own.

Stunning Design Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

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Creating the ideal bedroom for your child is a task and a half. There are so many things to think about when designing your child’s room that you may not know where to begin. Whether your child is young or old, there are many things that you can do to make their room feel like home. Your child’s room is where they sleep and also where they go to relax. If you want your child to feel comfortable at home, you need to give them a cosy bedroom. Tailoring the room to suit your child’s age and needs is easy to do. Here are some stunning design ideas for your child’s bedroom.

Turn Storage Into Toys
As a parent, you will know that every child’s bedroom needs storage. Sometimes it will feel as though your child has more things than you do. Creating storage in your child’s bedroom is vital in ensuring that there is no clutter in the room. For younger children, you can make storage boxes more interesting. Why not create a staircase made of storage boxes for your child? The stairs can lead up to a bunk-bed and will be ideal for hiding away toys and clothes. There are many fun things you could do with storage items. Look into your options before you design your child’s room.

Tucked Away Beds And Cots
Many studies have found that sleeping in confined spaces aids children’s sleep patterns. If your child has trouble sleeping at night then, you might want to consider a tucked away bed or cot. Silvercross cots are sleek and can fit beneath built-in wardrobes and bunk-beds if you have other children. Having a bed space that tucks away gives the vibe of a four-poster bed and saves on space.

Block Color And How To Use It
Children love bright, bold colors. If you ask your children how they want their room decorated, they will likely say they want it bright orange, red or green. Whilst bright colors can look nice, they can also make the room look smaller than it is. Instead, pick a feature wall in your child’s room and paint that in the bold, bright color of your child’s choosing. The rest of the walls should be neutral and clean looking so that they don’t contrast the feature wall. Your child will love the fact that you are taking their suggestions on-board, and you won’t have to deal with a tiny looking room.

Something A Little Unique
To make your child’s room look unique you’re going to have to get creative. Think about your child’s personality and what they like to do. You can use their favourite hobby as inspiration in their room. For example, if your little one loves football, then you might want to draw out goals on the floor. You child can then practise with a ball in their room. If your child loves drawing and art, then give them a whole wall to draw on. You can make one of the walls in your child’s room a whiteboard wall. That means that your child can draw all over the wall, and it will always rub right off.

Workstations And Desks
When your child gets a little older, say seven or eight, he or she will begin getting homework from school. Giving your child a place to work within their bedroom means that they will have peace and quiet to complete their homework. Choose a fun and interesting child’s desk, such as one that is transparent or in a block colour. Make sure that the desk is the right height for your child and invest some money in a comfy chair. Ensure that the desk has lots of storage and kit it out with stationery. Add something quirky to the desk like a hidden compartment. Your child will love their new desk and might even enjoy doing their homework for once.

Brilliant Benefits Of Making Your Own Kids’ Clothes

If you’re a keen sewer, you might already make your children’s clothes. But if you don’t, or you haven’t yet learned to sew, you should consider doing so. Although it may sound like a huge task, it could be easier than you might think. Making your own children’s clothes could save you money. It also gives you a creative outlet, and it results in unique clothing for you little ones.

Save Money
While it can be easier to buy a garment off the rack than to buy fabric to make something, that isn’t always the case. For one thing, store-bought clothes are unlikely to last you as long as something you made yourself. When you make something, you can leave extra material so you can let it out at a later date. So when your child outgrows something, you can simply expand it. And when you buy clothes for special occasions, it could be much cheaper to buy fabric instead. You also don’t have to make your clothes out of new fabric. It’s so easy to repurpose an old shirt, set of bedding or even pair of curtains, and turn it into a child’s garment.

Create Unique Clothes
If you make your kids’ clothes, you can create unique items that no one else has. Both you and your kids will love their new dress, pants or shirt that their mommy made just for them. It’s a creative outlet for you, and you can let the kids have a say in what they want. Let them look at the fabrics from sites like Vibes and Scribes and choose a pattern they like. Together you can create the perfect outfit for them to show off. You can even create the best Halloween and fancy dress costumes in town. All the other kids will be jealous!


Flickr image

Bond With Your Kids
To make clothes for your children you need to spend time with them. As well as letting them help to choose styles and fabrics, you need to be with them as you measure them, and throughout the creation process. This is a great chance to share your hobbies with your kids and talk to them as you work. You might even get them interested in sewing too. They’re bound to be proud of the things their mommy can do with a sewing machine and some fabric.

Business Opportunities
You might discover that you like making your kids’ clothes so much that you want to keep going. Your children probably don’t have the patience to have you make endless clothes for them. But if you have time you could start a business. Create some of your clothes in standard sizes and sell them ready-made. Or you could start a custom clothing business and have clients come to you.

When you make clothes for your kids, it might look like you’re doing something purely for them. But it’s actually for you, giving you an amazing hobby and something to bond with your kids over. It’s so easy to make a simple dress or shirt, so why not give it a try?

5 Interesting And Easy Ways To Keep Your Children Busy This Summer

20140828-112101-40861315.jpgLink to image
The summer months are a testing time for any parent. Your children have just so much free time that you might find yourself at a loss when deciding how to fill it. Another problem that you may have come across is that children’s activities are expensive. During the summer, attractions tend to be more expensive than in the rest of the year. Business owners take advantage of the fact that you need to entertain your children, and so hike up the prices to make an extra profit. Of course, you can take your children to the odd theme park or adventure golf, but what about the rest of the time? Here are five interesting ways that you can keep your children busy this summer.

1. Go Camping In Your Own Home
If you have camping equipment then a great way to keep the children busy is to use it. You don’t have to go on a trip or a holiday to use your camping stuff; you can use it in your home right now. Pitching a tent in your living room and pretending that you and your children are camping out in the wild is a lot of fun. Children love to play pretend and with this activity you have to make the entertainment. Help your children to put the tent up, as this will teach them some valuable life skills. Sleep in a tent at night and pretend that there are wild animals or even dinosaurs lurking outside. Your children will love that you are playing an imaginary game with them.

2. Make Play-Doh Balloons
If you have some Play-doh from when your children were young, then you can use it to make brand new toys. Get some different colored balloons and put the Play-doh inside them. Tie the ends of the balloons and make sure that they are tight. You and your children can make faces on the new balloon heads using felt tip pens. Your children will adore this project because they get to be creative. The can play with the balloon heads after and even put on a show.

3. A Simple Craft Project
Children love to get creative in any way that they can. A fabulous way to keep your children busy during the summer is to give them a craft project to do. You can buy various card making kits online, which are an ideal way to keep the little ones entertained. Give your children a time limit to complete the project, whilst you get on with some housework. Say you need to do the laundry, tell your children that they have an hour to finish the cards and that you’ll be back to judge them then. Making the project a timed affair means the children will get invested in the crafts and want to excel in a short period.

4. Create A Garden Hammock
A hammock is the ideal garden accessory for the summer. Children love playing on hammocks and using them as swings. You and your children can create a garden hammock using some old material or a net and some string. You will need to find a safe place to hang your hammock in the garden. Trees make ideal hammock posts, but if your garden doesn’t have trees, you can pitch posts using wooden sticks. Use the string to tie the material to the posts or trees. You and your children will have a wonderful time taking turns on the hammock in the garden.

5. Make A Memory Box
A fantastic way to bond with your children whilst keeping them entertained this summer is to make a memory box. Get a good quality box from a trinket store and decorate the outside of it. You might want to paint it a bold color or make hand prints of you and your children on the outside of it. Make sure that the decoration is individual to you and your family. Tell your children to write notes to their future selves to put in the memory box and do the same yourself. Find trinkets and photographs to put in the box as well. You and your children can have some great fun taking photos for the box. When you have completed the memory box write the date on it. Hide the box away somewhere safe and set a date to take it out and look at it. Five years from now you and your children can look at the box and see how much you have all changed.

Use Toys To Relive Your Childhood – And Connect With Your Kid

Childhood memories can fade as you grow older. That’s terrible. We should all try to remember the things that made our childhood distinctive. They say it’s the best time of our lives. That may or may not be true, but being a kid is great fun. No responsibilities, new experiences and endless summer days – all that stuff is wonderful.

Of course, there’s a chance that we misremember our childhood. It’s easy to idealise those times because you didn’t know any different back then. There’s a good Richard Nixon quote on this subject (unbelievable, but there you go). He said of his childhood that “We were poor, but the glory of it was we didn’t know it.” That’s an accurate summary of childhood. You edit out a lot of the bad stuff and keep the good stuff.

Will today’s children still have the same attitude? It’s hard to say. We already know that millennial children are pessimistic about the future. Does that mean that they idealise the past? Who knows? What’s important to recognise is that all kids should have good memories from their childhood. A bad start in life can lead to a bad life. Having fun, and playing should be the central activities for every child.

It’s a good idea for any parent to try and engage with their children as they play. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Today, children don’t play, in the same way as their parents used to. “Play” doesn’t mean sitting in front of the fire with model Eddie Stobart trucks. For these children, it’s curling up on the sofa with an iPad or their mobile phone. There’s nothing wrong with children using technology. It’ll do them good in later life. The problem is that it’s hard to take an interest, as a parent, in that kind of play. How do you engage with a child who’s got blinkers for the smartphone or tablet?

It’s important for any parent to connect with their children. You shouldn’t let them pour all their energy into electronics. You need to try and take their attention away from those devices. A great way to do that is to get them excited about physical play. A fun first step might be to take all your old toys down from the attic or out of the garage. Show your kids the stuff that you used to play with as a kid. It’s a sure bet that you’ll interest them. Let them ask questions about how these toys worked. Play with them; show them what you used to do when you were young. These kind of activities help you get some real quality time with your children. What’s more, they also help you to rediscover memories that you might have lost.

Using old toys with your children is a win-win experience. It benefits them as well as you. It’s a wonderful way to have some proper family fun, one-on-one or as a group. Take the opportunity to put some real childhood memories in your child’s head.


Exciting Craft Projects for You and Your Little One

Are you struggling to keep your little one entertained in the summer holidays! Fear not; this article is here to help! Kids love nothing more than getting messy and making things, so try one of the following exciting craft projects to keep them occupied:


1. A Rose Wreath Made from Recycled Book Pages
You can find plenty of books that nobody wants to read in used book shops and charity shops. Mix paper types if you’d like to create a cool looking design. You can then swirl the book pages to look like roses, and glue them onto a circular cardboard template to make your rose wreath. This project could last a whole weekend!

2. Confetti Hearts
Use parchment paper, a hot melt glue gun, and some confetti to create a cute heart decoration.

3. Wood Shim Crates
Cut out strips of thick, sturdy cardboard before colouring them with different colours paints/chalks. You’re trying to create a distressed effect. You can then glue them together in a box shape to create your very own ‘crate’.

4. Floral Mirror
For this beautiful floral mirror, you and your little one will need a collection of plastic spoons. Have a cardboard template ready, glued around your mirror in the size you’d like it to end up. You can then use the curved end of the spoons to create the petals of the flower, gluing in the same pattern all the way around. Use different tones of the same colour to create a realistic effect. They’ll love helping to create home accessories that you can display proudly afterwards!

5. Cute as a Button Hair Clips
To create these cute hair clips, collect various buttons in different sizes and patterns. Glue smaller buttons inside of larger buttons to create a nice effect. You can then glue them onto sturdy hair clips to make a great hair accessory.

6. Patterned Cork Board
Cork boards are great for pinning memos and memories onto, but they can look a little drab. Decorate yours using a nice piece of material and a hot glue gun. This could even create a focal point for your little ones room! They can pin all of their artwork in one place with a cork board, and a patterned one will look even cooler.

7. Melted Crayon Artwork
Get a load of different coloured crayons, and feed the crayons through a glue gun onto a plain canvas. This will create a really cool looking, unique piece of art that your little one will love.

8. A Wooden Orb
A wooden orb can give a really beachy feel to the house. Collect some driftwood strips that are fairly thin but sturdy enough to stick together. Creating your orb shape will take time and patience, but it looks amazing when finished – so pretty and laid back!

Your child will love these crafts, whether you choose to make hair accessories, play with melted crayons, or create a bespoke mirror out of plastic spoons. You can’t get bored with arts and crafts!

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